Behind the Artist



Vivien Aisi is a versatile singer known for her distinct voice. Discovering her love of singing from an early age, music has been a major part of her upbringing. Originally from Papua New Guinea, Vivien moved to Australia settling permanently in Cairns.

Since then, she has supported various bands, recording artists in the studio and out in the Music scene for the past decade. In early 2015, Vivien gained the confidence to start showcasing her original material through Open mic nights around Cairns. After receiving a lot of positive feedback from various listeners, plans to record professionally began to formulate.

Motivated from her own journey as well as the stories of others, Vivien writes about her life encounters of love, life & loss creating an experience she likes to refer to as “music for the soul " Although Vivien has been in the scene for many years, it has only been in the last 2  that have seen her lifelong dream begin to flourish.

2019 saw Vivien explore new genres such as Electronic Pop & Hip Hop leading to various releases with a few Cairns’ artists. Inspired by these releases, Vivien went on to record & release Independently her first ever single and video titled Lost in Time which found its way onto various Spotify playlists including the Caribbean Broadcaster Network Spotify Playlist, Broken 8 Records Best of 2020 and Q Music’s Keep Listening Playlist during the Worldwide Lockdown surrounding Covid-19

Using the downtime to her advantage, Vivien has gone back to her writing book and the recording lab to keep creating towards her forthcoming EP which is set to drop in 2022.



                                                                                 Your Love - Northern Exposure Compilation  

                                                                             Wahine Eyes  -  Adrian Thomas feat Vivien Aisi     

                                                                                  True Healing - PJ Myers feat. Vivien Aisi

                                                                             Stone Cold Heart - Stevie Roberts feat. Vivien Aisi



                                                                                   Dream Walkers - MC Pyrit feat. Vivien Aisi       

                                                                                A Better Way - Stevie Roberts feat Vivien Aisi                                                   

                                                                                    Soul Remedy - MC Pyrit & Vivien Aisi

                                                                                      Lost in Time Debut Single – Vivien Aisi

                                                                                               Kiss the Stars – Vivien Aisi

                                                                                              Nine to Five – Vivien Aisi

                                                                                      Lost in Time 5 track EP – Vivien Aisi


Written by John O'Brien


Vivien Aisi, Lost in Time (EP)

(Independent) ***

Providing backing vocals for fellow Cairns artist Mc Pyrit (more on him next week) inspired PNG product Vivien Aisi to try her hand at her own EP, and the results showcase the versatility of her velvety tones. Opening the set in affirmative style is Kiss the Stars, while doo-wop meets smoky lounge music on Yesterday. The slow percussive march of Nine to Five bemoans the soul-crushing workaday routine, while piano power ballad Just Leave is the penultimate peak, and she maintains the high with the outro Lost in Time.